Minecraft Speedrun Wikia

To start speedrunning a CTM...[]

  1. Pick a CTM you want to speedrun
  2. Investigate the map (i.e. locations of useful loot chests)
  3. Look for speedruns of the map by other runners
    • If no previous run exists, see Routing, else skip to step 4
  4. Test run
  5. Optimize the route. For example:
    • Finding the best path from A to B in an area
    • Major route changes like the order of wool areas
  6. Repeat 4 & 5 until you get a good time


Psycho's movement speed comparison

  • Jumping while sprinting (or "bunny hopping") is the fastest form of movement under normal circumstances
    • If you have a speed 2 buff (or higher), jumping is slower
    • Any jump boost effects will also make jumping slower
  • If you are in a 2 block tall corridor, mash jump as fast as you can to get a nice boost


Psycho's bridging speed comparison

  • Bridging diagonally is the fastest, most reliable method of bridging
    • The "Unsneak" method is faster but riskier, yet still practical for runs


Boots with feather falling enchantments will reduce damage taken from using an ender pearl[]

Fall damage prevention[]

The following methods will negate falling damage:

  1. Landing in water, slime block, or cobweb
  2. Grabbing a water bucket
  3. ladder in midair
  4. Throwing an ender pearl in midair
  5. Quit to title, then reload the map (Can be used only in Glitched run)

The following methods will reduce falling damage:

  1. Fall while inside mine cart or boat, dismount before hitting the ground
  2. Boots with feather falling enchantment
  3. Jump boost or feather falling effects
  4. Landing in lava (don't try)
  5. Landing on a hay bale, a bed, or any other fall-reducing blocks


When planning a route, consider the following:

Depending on the map it may be better to leave early areas for later, for example if you can find gear in later areas to speed it up or make it easier. However, you must consider if it is worth the time backtracking.

Practicing your route using peaceful difficulty or map backups is helpful but keep in mind you cannot do this for real runs, so plan your strategies accordingly.

Drawing a map for yourself can be useful, especially for larger CTMs. A flow chart application might be good for this (i.e. draw.io). Here are a few tips for drawing your own map:

Inventory management[]

General Minecraft tips


Material Wood Stone Iron Diamond Gold
Tool base speed 2 4 6 8 12
Blocks Hardness Tool Efficiency Haste Breaking Time (sec) Instant Break?
Stone 1.5 Iron Pickaxe - - 0.4 N
Stone 1.5 Iron Pickaxe 5 - 0.1 N
Stone 1.5 Iron Pickaxe - 2


Obsidian 50 Diamond Pickaxe 10 2 0.5 N
Obsidian 50 Diamond Pickaxe 32 3 0.05 Y

in case you actually want to speedrun just follow these steps

  1. mine 2 full oak trees
  2. make crafting table and wood pick
  3. then find exposed stone
  4. if there is gravel there too mine that until you get one flint
  5. mine stone get stone pick, sword, and axe (you can also make shovel)
  6. make sure you are near a village (if not restart)
  7. also make sure you know where or are by a lava pool
  8. then go to village and mine all beds(this will help against ender dragon)
  9. if there is iron golem, hit a villager so he comes towards you, then run away and stack up 4 or 5 blocks
  10. this makes it so that he cant hit you and you can hit him
  11. after killing him get the iron and make flint and steel and a bucket (if not enough iron for both make the bucket first and then try to find exposed iron) or as you do step 3. look for iron as well and mine it
  12. after that fill the bucket with water
  13. then go to that lava pool and make a speed portal(if you don't know how go to YouTube and search it up)
  14. as you wait in the portal pray that the fortress is near
  15. if not, that's ok just look around (this might waste some time but you can try to make it up)
  16. make sure to mine enough nether gold to make boots
  17. once in the fortress find the blaze spawn and kill enough to get 7 or 8 rods
  18. turn that into blaze powder
  19. NOW if you are EXTREMELY lucky you might find a bastion with piglins and gold blocks
  20. mine the blocks and turn them into ingots and trap the piglins in a hole or something
  21. then trade with them by throwing the gold and wait until you get at least 12 ender pearls
  22. now head back to the overworld and make ONLY 2 ender eyes
  23. after this you should throw them and head in the direction it says
  24. there are some tricks on how to use the ender eyes on YouTube so look up videos to find the stronghold faster
  25. once in the stronghold prepare for battle and find the portal room
  26. now craft the however many ender eyes you need (don't use all the pearls because they can help you in the fight
  27. at some point you should have made a bow and at least 32-64 arrows (probably should have mentioned that earlier)
  28. anyways when your in the end be careful, and shoot the end crystals
  29. a tip for when the dragon shoots his breath at you, BUILD UP 3 BLOCKS, the breath cant touch you then
  30. now when all the crystals are destroyed wait for the dragon to come towards the bedrock portal
  31. after she lies down place a bed and some protection
  32. then right click the bed and it should blow up and damage the dragon
  33. eventually it should kill her and you can jump in the portal
  34. you have now successfully speedran Minecraft

Advanced Tricks[]

If the map rules do not disallow it, you can clip through one block thick bedrock in a few ways: